Christchurch sexual assault survey

Christchurch NCWNZ Banner (snipped from Facebook page)Members of the Christchurch NCWNZ are considering how to keep up awareness of the results of a sexual harassment survey undertaken at the request of the principal of Christchurch Girls' High School, Christine O'Neill.

Dr. Liz Gordon of Pūkeko Research Ltd. received an astounding 71% response rate from just over 1000 students aged 12 to 18. Most respondants were 16, and over 90% identified as female and nearly 75% as straight. Of the 430 respondants who indicated that they themselves had been sexually harassed, 381 reported they had (in total) experienced 2677 incidents of sexual harassment in the past year, averaging about seven incidents per student. Twenty respondents indicated that they had been raped.

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Chart to Use: 2022 New Year's Honours

Analyse this chart of the 2022 New Year's Honours crafted by Beryl Anderson, ONZM (NCWNZ Hutt Valley Branch). In the 2022 New Year’s honours list, 183 awards were given to 91 women, 91 men, and one intersex. According to the Prime Minister's Honours Advisory Committee: “Our honours system is a way for New Zealand to say thanks and well done to those who have served and those who have achieved. We believe that such recognition is consistent with the egalitarian character of New Zealand society and enlivens and enriches it.” But if you examine Ms. Anderson's table more deeply, there is much to notice.

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Nau mai, haere mai

Nau mai, haere mai - welcome. 

Here you will find the new version of The Circular, official organ of the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ). The Circular has had a break for a year while the Council was undergoing the process of developing a new structure that would sustain and empower the organisation. To see past issues of The Circular, you can visit the New Zealand Parliamentary Library where the publications are archived. As a member of the NCWNZ, you can login and see the past issues (since March 2014) posted here.

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