Action Hubs

Action Hubs are the way that NCWNZ advances our purpose to achieve gender equality. They are based on the areas inequality we have chosen to focus on. 

Any Member or Organisational representative can join an Action Hub.

To join an Action Hub sign up here. 

Action Hubs


Email address
Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Carolyn Savage and Susan Dickson [email protected]
Economic Independence Lynley Hutton and Gabriel Brettkelly  [email protected]
Margaret Sinclair-Jones [email protected]
Safety, Health and Wellbeing
Eileen Brown  [email protected]
Influence and Decision Making  Sue Kedgley and Amy Rice [email protected]
Eva Hartshorn-Sanders [email protected]


Parliamentary Watch Committee is a much-loved part of NCWNZ. The role of the Parliamentary Watch Committee is to coordinate the writing of submissions and our input into consultations. 

Parliamentary Watch Committee Julie Thomas [email protected]


Action Hub Resources

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