Renew your NCWNZ Membership today!

Our new membership model and fees are now live! We encourage you to sign up or renew your NCWNZ Membership for 2022/23. You can join either as an Individual Member or choose to be appointed as a representative of an Organisational Member. Both Individual Members and Organisational Reprsentatives can be members of branches and/or Action Hubs. Here's some details on next steps:

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to anyone. Individual members are entitled to one vote in the Individual Member voting pool at national meetings and can join branches and Action Hubs.

  1. Go to
  2. Select either Sustaining member (monthly payments) or Annual membership (one off payment).
  3. Self-select a membership fee, based on your ability to pay and the amount you wish to contribute towards supporting NCWNZ to achieve its goals.
    • For Annual membership the suggested range is $10 to $50;
    • For sustaining members the options start from $10 per month.
  4. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, or a form can be filled out for internet banking (this is necessary so that we can match you to your payment).
  5. For sustaining members, the first $50 is counted as your membership fee. The remaining contribution is a donation. A tax receipt will be issued after the financial year end, in time for you to claim your tax rebate through the IRD.
  6. Join Action Hubs and branches by clicking on the links provided on the Get involved page ( and filling out the forms. These forms will be forwarded to the appropriate people for action.

Organisational representative

If you are currently an organisational representative at a branch level, you can be a non-voting organisational representative so long as that organisation is an NCWNZ member. A non-voting organisational representative can join branches and Action Hubs.

If you are a national organisational representative, no extra fee is required – you just need to be approved by your organisation. You will need to contact them to ask for persmission to represent your organisation. No extra fee is required. You will also need to complete our organisational representative form:

We look forward to a productive and exciting year with you as a member.

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