Kate Sheppard and her followers delivered their petition for women's suffrage to parliament on the 28th of July 1893. Two months later they won the right for New Zealand women to be the first in the world to vote, and in 1896 they founded the National Council of Women New Zealand so they could keep fighting for equality and human rights for all.

Although much has happened since the 1890s, there’s still much more to do — and we all need to play our part. We are committed to working alongside government and others to make New Zealand a fairer, more just and equal society. Thirty-two thousand people signed Kate’s petition, you can add your name to theirs by joining us today.


Our membership year starts on 1 April.

If you would prefer to pay by internet banking please contact [email protected]


Membership fees 2022

Individual members

Unwaged - Sliding scale - $10 to $20

Waged - Sliding scale - $30 to $50

Organisational members

The membership fee for Organisational Members is based on your size. You can define what membership fee best fits your organisation.

Small - $100

Medium - $200 

Large - $500 


Getting involved with NCWNZ 

Members and Organisational representatives can participate in NCWNZ activities by joining a local branch and/or an Action Hub/s. 

Joining a local branch and/or Action Hub/s is totally optional. They are great way to meet like-minded people and work towards gender equality in your local community or area of interest.


Branches organise locally to achieve gender equality. Branches typically meet ten times per year February - November.

Find out more about our branches here. 

Action Hubs

Action Hubs are the way that NCWNZ works on the issues that impact achieving gender equality. They are based on the areas of inequality we have chosen to focus on. Find out more about Action Hubs here. 


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