Enabling women’s potential: the social, economic and ethical imperative

Enabling women’s potential – the social, economic and ethical imperative, a white paper produced by the National Council of Women of New Zealand in November 2015,  aims to build understanding and spark action for gender equality.

The paper identifies five prerequisites to a gender equal New Zealand. This includes forming a shared understanding of the issues, creating a gender positive culture and ensuring we have leadership and governance, structural equality and data and monitoring in place.

It outlines 12 actions we can all take to progress these prerequisites. This includes speaking out against sexism, ensuring we have the right policies in place and  encouraging leaders to champion gender equality within their sectors, industries, communities and families.

NCWNZ aims to spur more New Zealanders into action so we can take a big step forward for equality.

Download the white paper (PDF) and the key information booklet (PDF).

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