Making Gender Equality a Reality

Old ideas about gender roles are limiting all of us.  They don’t allow us to express all of who we are. The unequal value attached to femininity and masculinity leads to unequal division of power, resources, and opportunities.

If we could break down these rigid expectations around gender, we would create more room for everyone. Getting rid of the norms that cause gendered violence, pay inequality, the devaluing of caregiving work and parenting, and inequalities in leadership roles – just to name a few outcomes – would change our world for the better.

Join the National Council of Women and help us to make equality a reality.


NCWNZ is New Zealand's leading gender equality organisation.

NCWNZ is an umbrella organisation working towards true gender equality in Aotearoa New Zealand. Established in 1896, we have 13 branches and more than 200 organisations, as well as individuals, as members. Over the past 126 years we have led and supported many initiatives that have benefited all New Zealanders and their communities.

GENZ logo   Since 2017 we have been actively raising national consciousness about gender equality in twenty-first century Aotearoa New Zealand. The campaign is supported by a wide-range of people and organisations. Find out more on our Gender Equal NZ website.
Gender Attitudes Survey logo  

We partner with Research NZ to undertake a comprehensive survey of gender attitudes in Aotearoa New Zealand every two years. The 2023 results will be available soon.

Read about the survey on our Gender Equal NZ website.

The latest 2023 Gender Attitudes Survey results have been released and are now available, along with the e-tool for searching the data on the Gender Equal NZ website. 

Submissions & Policy

NCWNZ operates a number of committees that work to shape the organisation's policy position on gender issues across a range of sectors. We actively seek to influence government, and provide input to the development of our laws, to make gender equality, reality. Read our latest submissions.

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