Reflections from our outgoing Action Hub convenors

After leading the Influence and Decision-Making Action Hub since its inception, Co-Convenors Sue Kedgley and Amy Rice are stepping down. Here’s what they have to say reflecting on their time at the helm.

Sue Kedgley
Sue Kedgley

Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement in NCWNZ prior to becoming an Action Hub Co-Convenor.

Sue: I joined NCWNZ about three years ago and was active primarily in writing submissions. When the Action Hubs were created someone suggested I might be interested in Convening the newly created Influence and Decision Making Action Hub and I agreed to do so. I felt it was important to have a young woman helping to lead the hub and so I approached Amy and was delighted when she agreed to lead it with me.

Amy: Back then I was a member of the NCWNZ Wellington Branch, but didn’t really have the creation of Action Hubs or any other big picture NCWNZ stuff on my radar. I was working as a policy advisor in government and outside of work and NCWNZ, I filled my time with sports (touch rugby, running, triathlon) and volunteering to help people experiencing homelessness.

What attracted you to take on the role of leading the Influence and Decision-Making Action Hub?

Sue: It was a new Action Hub and I liked the idea of seeking to increase the influence of NCWNZ.  

Amy: I actually only considered the role because Sue invited me to come on board with her. I knew working alongside someone with her experience was an opportunity too valuable to pass on so while it was daunting, I said yes!

Amy Rice
Amy Rice

What were the highlights of your time as Co-Convenor?

Sue: Organising three highly successful and stimulating webinars on Countering Misogyny has been a highlight, along with setting up the Online Safety Coalition with Eva and Eileen. There are around 14 organisations now working together under NCWNZ leadership to try to get cross party agreement for an independent regulator to regulate and monitor social media —which is effectively unregulated at the moment and like the Wild West.

Initiating our pre election questionnaire to all political parties was also a highlight.

Amy: Writing my first NCWNZ submission was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed getting a better appreciation for the wealth of talent and passion that exists within NCWNZ.

What did you learn?

Sue: I learnt how valuable online events such as our Countering Misogyny webinars can be in raising awareness and galvanising people into action. I also learned how important it is to have young women actively involved in the organisation.

Amy: Lots! From practical things like how to chair a meeting, to realising you can aim high when it comes to organising events (such as our Countering Misogyny webinar series) - the NCWNZ brand carries a lot of weight and there’s huge demand out there to hear and talk about the issues facing women in today’s world.

What are you looking forward to doing with your extra time now?

Sue: I intend to remain active in the action hub and the Online Safety Coalition and don’t really expect to have much extra time, as I am busy with various other work activities.

Amy: I’m doing a big triathlon in Germany in July so training for that will take up most of my time over coming months. I’ve recently moved to Ōtautahi Christchurch so am keen to get involved with the NCWNZ Branch down here and also put lots of energy into my new job working for Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu.

If you’re interested in becoming a Co-Convenor of the Influence and Decision-Making Action Hub, or taking on other leadership roles within NCWNZ, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. Sue and Amy are happy to chat further about their experience and answer any questions you may have.


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