Japan Women's Innovative Network participate in training sessions

There were 205 female executives from ‘Japan Women’s Innovative Network’ (J-WIN) who participated in online diversity, equality-equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) training sessions delivered by Dr Betty Ofe-Grant, Aleisha Amohia, Lorri Mackness, Carin Sundstedt, Sarah-Jane McCosh and Rayane Al Faraz. This is the second year of NCWNZ-facilitated diversity training administered to J-Win.

J-WIN training November 2023

Over two nights, the sessions featured lectures with question-and-answer sessions. A panel discussion included topics on indigenous diversity, gender equality, accessibility, ageism, LGBTQ, migration, work-life balance, caregiving for children and the elderly, and allyship. We hope our stories and knowledge offered valuable and practical insights regarding DEIA implementation for our Japanese sisters.


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