CSW68 report from the NZ NGO delegate

CSW68 in New York 2024
Members of the New Zealand delegation before the CSW68 closing ceremony.

CSW68 was a jam-packed, eye-opening, invaluable opportunity to learn about the complexities of foreign policy, the inner workings of the United Nations, and how it all intersects with the global mission to achieve gender equality.

A key highlight for Wellington Branch President Aleisha Amohia, the NGO delegate to the New Zealand Government delegation for CSW68, was having quality time and conversation with the talented, passionate NGO representatives from Aotearoa. It was also a blessing to spend so much time in the magic of New York City.

Aleisha is a technical lead and software developer in her day job, so she attended a number of side events which discussed digital equity, artificial intelligence, data, and the many ways in which technology tools and solutions can support women and gender equality initiatives. Aleisha also enjoyed events where young women, ethnic women, Indigenous women, and disabled women talked openly about their lives, and how the gender equality movement must consider their unique needs and ideas to be truly intersectional and transformational.

CSW68 and the current NZ political climate presents NCWNZ with a range of opportunities. Aleisha believes we need to strengthen our platform by:

  • Responding to Government decisions and consultations so that our positions are known and shared;
  • Collaborating with other NGOs so that our priorities can be aligned and supported; and,
  • Growing our membership to truly represent, and amplify the voices of, all New Zealand women.
CSW68 delegates from NCWs and ICW 2024
Members of National Councils of Women from around the world,
and the International Council of Women at CSW68.


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