Applying a Gender Lens to the General Election at Wellington Branch Annual Women's Debate

In September, the Wellington Branch of the National Council of Women New Zealand, Graduate Women Wellington, and Zonta Club of Wellington, came together to co-host the Annual Women’s Debate 2023: “A Gender Lens on the General Election.”

The panel, moderated by Debbie Gee of Zonta Club of Wellington, featured:

  • Natalia Albert (The Opportunities Party Candidate for Wellington Central)
  • Camilla Belich MP (New Zealand Labour Party List MP)
  • Frances Hughes for Mana (New Zealand National Party Candidate for Mana)
  • Tamatha Paul (Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Candidate for Wellington Central)
Wellington Branch annual debate Sept 2023
Four in-person panellists and one online panellist at the Annual Women’s Debate

The theme allowed us to cover a range of topics with a specific focus on women and gender issues. The parties shared their policies around health, education, climate change, women's representation in politics, gender-based violence and safety, economic development, and Aotearoa New Zealand’s role in the international community. We know that these issues will have unique and significant impacts on women’s lives, yet we rarely hear about how political parties have considered those impacts. The Debate is an important opportunity to highlight women in politics and women’s issues in policy.

A recording of the event can be found on the National Council of Women Wellington Facebook page.


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