NCWNZ’s Organisational Review 2016

Review of the National Council of Women of New Zealand’s operational model, membership model and brand

Information sheet: Prepared March 2016

The National Council of Women of New Zealand’s vision is a gender equal NZ. Our mission is to build understanding and drive action so that all New Zealanders have the freedom and opportunity to determine their own future.

We achieve this through effecting change to our gender culture; influencing Government policy and programmes; holding NZ accountable for its progress to achieve equality; and building partnerships and the public movement for change.

NCWNZ is particularly focussed on changing our gender culture – improving our attitudes, actions and language around gender. We need to reduce the influential gender stereotyping that starts from birth. For too many people in New Zealand, this stereotyping seriously limits their life choices and opportunities.

Reducing sexism in our culture is essential if current programmes to get more women into leadership, reduce violence against women, eliminate the pay gap and improve women’s financial situation are to succeed.

Our white paper: Enabling Women’s Potential – the social, economic and ethical imperative, released in November 2015, provides more rationale for our work.

Why is a review necessary?

The National Council of Women of New Zealand has existed since 1896 and, like all organisations, we’ve needed to change from time to time to remain relevant.

In late 2015 when we finalised our new strategy, we identified we needed to review our operations, membership model and brand so we can successfully implement it. For example, the Board’s strategy work showed we need to look hard at our activity to ensure we put our valuable volunteer and paid staff contribution where it’ll make the biggest contribution to a gender equal New Zealand.

What does the review involve?

We’re analysing every part of what we do so all our activity contributes to our strategy in a tangible way.

In order to build the strong public movement to change the culture we’re assessing whether we’re set up to encourage all New Zealanders who want to support our cause to get involved and take action in ways that suit them.

We need to know we’re operating as efficiently and effectively as possible; and that we’re integrating changed funding, governance and reporting expectations into our everyday work.

We’re reviewing how we make policy, educate and influence; our use of technology; local and national structures; financial management; branding; and our resource allocation.

The values that drive our organisation are that we’re open, constructive, passionate, determined and generous. We’re checking that our structures, culture and branding encourage and reflect these.

Who is involved in the project?

Our volunteer Board are leading, supported by council staff in our small office. A part-time, short term contractor has been brought in with external expertise. Membership input began at a conference in late 2015, and continues via survey, briefings, and discussions. We’re also talking to potential new members and funders, and our key stakeholders.

What are the key steps?

The project started in January, and the Board will consider the proposed new model at its May meeting. We’re surveying members in March, joining into branch meetings to have a discussion where possible in April, and holding briefings for our organisational members in April. On an ongoing basis, we’re talking to funders and stakeholders, and members who hold key volunteer roles within our organisation. We’re open to brief people, provide an update, or answer questions at any time.

Where can I get more information or talk to someone?

If you want to discuss how you can become involved with the council or support our vision of a gender equal NZ we’d love to hear from you.

Get in contact with our National Office or call us on 04 473 7623.

You can also read our white paper on enabling women’s potential.