Submissions are one of the ways NCWNZ works to inform and influence law and policy They are made to parliament, government departments and other organisations. Submissions reflect NCWNZ’s charitable purpose to serve women, children and the community at a local, national and international level. Each submission is informed by the resolutions agreed at national conferences and the input of our members. This archive includes submissions which have been lodged from 2000 to the present day. Submissions to Select Committees which haven’t been published appear on this page without links. A list of submissions we are working on is available here.

The work of NCWNZ is not static. This means some older resolutions and submissions may no longer reflect the views of the organisation or its members.


S20.07 Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 218-1

Oral Submission on Education and Training Bill

Oral Submission on Sexual Violence Legislation Bill 185-1

S20.06 Better protections for contractors

S20.05 Holidays (Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage) Amendment Bill (No 2)

S20.04 Urban Development Bill

S20.03 Education and Training Bill (joint with GWNZ)

S20.02 Sexual Violence Legislation Bill 185-1

S20.01 Crimes (Definition of Female Genital Mutilation) Amendment Bill


S19.29 Draft New Zealand Dementia Action Plan

S19.28 Temporary Migrant Worker Exploitation Review

Oral Submission on Education (Vocational Education and Training Reform) Amendment Bill

S19.27 Draft Research, Science and Innovation Strategy (joint with BPW NZ and GWNZ)

S19.26 2019 Review of Retirement Income Policies

S19.25 Action for healthy watersways

Oral Submission on Abortion Legislation Bill 164-1

S19.24 Shaping a stronger education system with New Zealanders – TES

S19.23 Education (Vocational Education and Training Reform) Amendment Bill

S19.22 A strategy for New Zealand Food Safety

S19.21 Consultation on the Draft Minerals and Petroleum Resource Strategy

S19.20 Abortion Legislation Bill 164-1

S19.19 Local government funding and financing

Oral Submission on Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

S19.18 Consultation on the Review and Draft Code on Standards for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol

S19.17 Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlements Amendment Bill

S19.16 Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

S19.15 Education (School Donations) Amendment Bill

S19.14 Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Bill

S19.13 Technological change and the future of work

S19.12 Better Later Life – He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034

S19.11 Information, choice of treatment and informed consent

S19.10 Health and Disability System Review Phase 1

S19.09 He Waka Eke Noa Towards a Better Future, Together New Zealand’s Progress Towards the SDGs 2019

S19.08 Modernising the Charities Act 2005

S19.07 New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga

S19.06 Inquiry into the 2017 General Election and 2016 Local Elections

S19.05 Oranga Tamariki Legislation Bill April 2019

S19.04 Official Information Act 1982 Consultation

S19.03 Our Schooling Futures, Stronger Together

01 April 2019

S19.02 Reform of Vocational Education

S19.01 NZ Māori Arts and Crafts Institute Vesting Bill

Oral Submission Equal Pay Amendment Bill 2018 103-1


S18.40 Equal Pay Amendment Bill

Oral Submission to UN HRC UPR Pre-session 2018  and accompanying slides

S18.39 Reform of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

S18.38 Indicators Aotearoa

S18.37 Your Voice, Your Data, Your Say

S18.36 Information sharing guidance for the family violence sector

S18.35 NCEA Review

S18.34 Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

S18.33 New strategy for an Ageing Population

S18.32 Tomorrow’s Schools Review

S18.31 Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill (interim report)

S18.30 Living Standards Framework

S18.29 Legislation for the NZ Police Vetting Service

S18.28 Our Climate Your Say

Oral Submission on Health and Safety at Work (Volunteer Associations) Amdt Bill 30-1

S18.27 Health and Safety at Work (Volunteer Associations) Amendment Bill

S18.26 Accident Compensation Amendment Bill

S18.25 Low-emissions Economy Draft Report

S18.24 Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction

S18.23 Earthquake Commission Amendment Bill

S18.22 Pay Transparency Consultation Document 2018

S18.21 Privacy Bill 34-1

S18.20 Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill

S18.19 Abortion Law Reform

S18.18 Health (National Cervical Screening Programme) Amendment Bill

S18.17 Tax Working Group

S18.16 Pacific Alliance Free Trade Agreement

S18.15 Education Amendment Bill 15-1

S18.14 KiwiFund Bill

S18.13 Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill

S18.12 Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill

01 April 2018

Oral Submission on Employment Relations Amendment Bill 13-1

S18.11 Employment Relations Amendment Bill

S18.10.1 Child Poverty Reduction Bill SOPs

Oral Submission on Child Poverty Reduction Bill 14-1

S18.10 Child Poverty Reduction Bill

S18.09 Draft Leadership Strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa NZ

S18.08 Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill

S18.07 Families Commission Act Repeal Bill

Oral Submission on Military Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 299-1

S18.06 Military Justice Legislation Amendment Bill

S18.05 Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill

S18.04 Review of the Fair Insurance Code 2016

S18.03 End of Life Choice Bill

S18.02 Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976

Oral Submission on Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill 297-1

S18.01 Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill


S17.16 Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill – Bill lapsed, submission not available on Parliamentary website

S17.15 Review of Fertility Services Standard

S17.14 A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand

S17.13 Making Tax Simpler: Better administration of social policy

S17.12 Open Government Partnership NZ: National Action Plan 2016-18

Oral Submission on Marriage (Court Consent to Marriage of Minors) Amendment Bill 256-1

S17.11 Marriage (Court Consent to Marriage of Minors) Amendment Bill

S17.10 Accreditation and monitoring of tertiary education – Nursing Council NZ

S17.09 A Strategy to Prevent Suicide in NZ

S17.08 Care and Support Worker (Pay Equity) Settlement Bill

Oral Submission on Family and Whānau Violence Bill 247-1

S17.07 Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill

S17.06 Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill

S17.05 Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill – Exposure Draft

S17.04 Economic, social and cultural rights in NZ – draft report

S17.03 Domestic Violence-Victims’ Protection Bill

01 April 2017

Oral submission on Children, Young Persons, and their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill

S17.02 Children, Young Persons, and their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill

S17.01 Rates Rebate (Retirement Village Residents) Amendment Bill


S16.26 Draft report New Models of Tertiary Education

Oral submission on Education (Update) Amendment Bill 160-1

S16.25 Education (Update) Amendment Bill

S16.24 Report to the ICW Executive Council Meeting (ECM)

S16.23 Updated Guidelines for Cervical Screening in New Zealand

S16.22 Draft Consumer Credit Fees Guidelines

S16.21 Draft Update of General Recommendation No 19: Accelerating efforts on gender-based violence against women

S16.20 Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill

S16.19 Family Violence Risk Assessment and Management Framework

S16.18 Health of Older People Strategy

S16.17 Use of Cryopreserved Ovarian Tissue to Restore Ovarian Function

S16.16 Good Practices in Eliminating Discrimination Against Women

S16.15 Health Research Strategy

S16.14 CSW- Stereotypical Attitudes Towards Role and Responsibilities of Women

S16.13 Childern, Young Person and their families… Amendment Bill 142-1

S16.12 Feedback to Pharmac on the proposal for sole subsidised supply of progestogen-only longacting intra-uterine system (LIUS) (Mirena)

S16.11 Incorporated Societies Bill Exposure Draft June 2016

S16.10 Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill

S16.09 Proposal to fully-subsidise oestradiol transdermal patches

S16.08 Draft 8th Periodic Report by Govt on CEDAW (2015)

S16.07 Child Support and Domestic Maintenance – Amendments to Assessments

Oral submission on Education Legislation Bill 100-1

S16.06 Education Legislation Bill

S16.05 NZ Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2015-16

Oral submission on Medically assisted dying

S16.04 Medically assisted dying

S16.03 Budget Policy Statement 2016

S16.02 Working for Families tax credits “temporary” day-to-day care

S16.01 Victims of family violence who commit homicide


S15.33 Updating the Education Act 1989

S15.32 NZ Health Strategy

S15.31 Draft Pharmacy Action Plan 2015-2020

White Paper: Enabling women’s potential – the social, economic and ethical imperative

Oral submission on Parental Leave and Employment Protection (…) Amendment Bill 51-1

S15.30 Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave and Work Contact Hours) Amendment Bill

LoS 15.01 Proposed new TOR for NACEW

S15.29 Home and Community Support (Payment for Travel Between Clients) Settlement Bill

S15.28 Primary HPV testing consultation

S15.27 Minimum Wage Review 2015

Oral submission on Employment Standards Legislation Bill 53-1 with questions

S15.26 Employment Standards Legislation Bill

S15.25 Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill

Oral submission on Inquiry into Special Education Needs with questions

S15.24 Inquiry into Special Needs Education

S15.23 Strengthening NZ’s Legislative Response to Family Violence

S15.22 Informed Consent and Assisted Reproductive Technology

S15.21 Broadcasting Standards Authority Code Review

S15.20 Breast and cervical screening support to services re-design

Oral submission on Inquiry into Parliament’s legislative response to future national emergencies with questions

S15.19 Inquiry into Parliament’s legislative response to future national emergencies

Oral submission on Support for Children in Hardship Bill 23-1 with questions

S15.18 Support for Children in Hardship Bill

S15.17 Consultation on Setting New Zealand’s Post-2020 Climate Change Target

S15.16 National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

S15.15 Policy Proposals for inclusion in the Food Safety Law Reform Bill

S15.14 Proposed Change to Gambling Fees

Oral submission on Drug and Alcohol Testing of Community-based Offenders and Bailees Legislation Bill 238-1

S15.13 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Community-based Offenders and Bailees Legislation Bill

S15.12 Discrimination – Enabling a Fair Go for All

S15.11 Violence Against Women – A Just and Safe Aotearoa

Oral submission on the Inquiry into 2014 General Election with questions

S15.10 Inquiry into 2014 General Election

Oral submission on Coroners Amendment Bill 239-1 with questions

S15.09 Coroners Amendment Bill

S15.08 Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice and Qualifications

S15.07 UN Convention on Rights of the Child

S15.06 UN Peace Operations

S15.05 International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights

Oral submission on Health (Protection) Amendment Bill 234 with questions

S15.04 Health (Protection) Amendment Bill 234

Oral submission on Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill 217-1 with questions

S15.03 Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill

S15.02 Gambling Amendment Bill (No. 3)

S15.01 Budget Policy Statement 2015


S14.15 Draft Responsible Lending Code

S14.14 Children’s Action Plan – Approved Information Sharing Agreement

S14.13 Social Investment RFI

S14.12 More Effective Social Services

S14.10 MBIE Discussion Doc Modernising Parental Leave

S14.09 New Zealand General Social Survey 2016 consultation

Oral submission on Education Amendment Bill (No 2) 193-1 with questions

S14 08 Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

S14.07 Doctors and Advertising – A review of the Medical Council’s Statement on Advertising

Oral Submission on Smoke-Free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill

S14.06 Smoke-free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill 186

S14.05 Ministry of Health – A new national drug policy for New Zealand

Oral Submission on Harmful Digital Communications Bill 168, S14.04

S14.04 Harmful Digital Communications Bill 168-1

Oral submission on Local Government Act 2002 Amend Bill (No 3)

S14.03 Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No. 3) (165-1)

S14.02 Land Transport Amendment Bill (175-1)

S14.01 Immigration Amendment Bill (No 2

S13.23(a) Letter to Education and Science on 151-1


S13.28 2013 local authority elections

S13.27 The Legal Framework for Burial and Cremation in New Zealand-A First Principles Review

S13.26 Human Rights Amendment Bill 346-1

S13.25 Parole Bill 73-1

Oral for Objectionable Publications & Indecency Legislation Bill 124 S13.24

S13.24 Objectionable Publications and Indecency Legislation Bill 124-1

Oral submission on Industry Training and Apprenticeships Amendment Bill 151-1 (2)

S13.23 Industry Training and Apprenticeships Amendment Bill 151-1

S13.22 Social Security (Clothing Allowances for Orphans and Unsupported Children) Amendment Bill 95-1

S13.21 the Sentencing (Protection of Children from Criminal Offending) Amendment Bill 94-1

S13.20 Inquiry into Engaging Parents in the Education of their Children

Oral submission on the Vulnerable Children Bill 150-1

S13.19 Vulnerable Children Bill 150-1

S13.18 Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Bill 68

Oral submission for the Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill 104

S13.17 Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill 104

Oral submission on the Social Security (Fraud Measures and Debt Recovery)

S13.16 Submission to the Social Security (Fraud Measures and Debt Recovery) 98-1 Amendment Bill

S13.15 Victims Orders Against Violent Offenders Bill 126-1

Oral submission on the Student Loan Scheme Amendment Bill (No3) 147-1

S13.14 Student Loan Scheme Amendment Bill (No 3)

S13.13 Flexible Superannuation Discussion Document

S13.12 Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 107

S13.11 Marine Legislation Bill SO Paper 347

S13.10 Pharmac’s Decision Criteria

S13.09 NZ International Convention Centre Bill

S13.08 Constitution Review

Oral submission on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2013 105-1

S13.07 Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2013 (105-1)

Oral submission on Housing Restructuring and Tenancy Matters Amendment Bill 116-1

S13.06 Social Housing Reform (Housing Restructuring and Tenancy Matters Amendment) Bill 116-1

S13.05 Submission to the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income Triennial Report

S13.04 Consultation on proposed changes to NZ Post’s Deed of Understanding

Oral submission on Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill 90-1

S13.03 Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill 90-1

S13.02 State Sector and Public Finance Reform Bill

Oral submission on the Education Amendment Bill 77-1

S13.01 Education Amendment Bill 77-1


S12.32 Paying Family Carers to Provide Disability Support

S12.31 Social Security Benefit + Categories Bill

S12.31 Social Security Benefit Categories and Work Focus Amendment Bill Oral Submission

S12.30 Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill

S12 29 Proposal to Introduce Plain Packaging to Tobacco Products in New Zealand

S12.28 SOP re Legal Assistance (Sustainability) Amendment Bill

S12.27 Social Services Committee on the Families Commission Admendment Bill

S12.27 Families Commission Amendment Bill

S12.26 Lobbying Disclosure Bill

S12.25 Minimum Wage (Starting-out Wage) Amendment Bill

S12.25 Minimum Wage (Starting-out Wage) Amendment Bill, Oral Submission

S12.24 Local Government and Environment Committee Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill 2012

S12.23 Special Education

S12.22 Gambling Harm Reduction Amendment Bill

S12.21 Administration of Community Sentences and Orders Bill

S12.20 Bail Amendment Bill

S12.19 Land Transport Management Amendment Bill

S12.19 Land Transport Amendment Bill Oral Submission

S12.18 Consultation on Market Rules

S12.17 Child Support Amendment Bill

S12.16 Review of the MMP Voting System Proposal Paper

S12.15 Draft Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Bill

S12.15 Crown Entities Reform Bill ORAL

S12.14 Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months Paid Leave) Amendment Bill

S12.13 Inquiry into 21st Century learning environments and digital literacy

S12.12 Inquiry into preventing Child Abuse

S12.11 Consumer Law Reform Bill

S12.10 To the Law Commission on ‘News media meets new media’

S12.09 Social Security (Youth Support and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

S12.08 Alternative Models for prosecuting and trying criminal cases

S12.07 Electoral Commission Review of MMP

S12.06 Privacy (Information sharing) Bill

S12.05 Manukau City Council Regulation of Prostitution

S12.04 Green Paper on Vulnerable Children

S12.03 NZNO Code of Conduct

S12.02 Reviewing the Family Court

S12.01 Natural Health Products Bill ORAL

S12.01 Natural Health Products Bill


S11.18 EEO in the Aged Care Sector

S11.17 Reform of the Incorporated Societies Act

S11.16 Minimum Wage Review

S11.15 Crown Entities Reform Bill

S11.14 Studen Loan Scheme Amendment Bill

S11.13 Victims of Crime Reform Bill

S11.12 Palliative Care Discussion Document

S11.11 Legal Assistance (Sustainability) Bill

S11.10 Early Childhood Education Taskforce Report

S11.09 Crimes Amendment Bill No 2

S11.08 Juries Jury Service and Protection of Particulars of Jury List Information Amendment Bill No 2

S11.07 ASA Code of Advertising Liquor

S11.06 Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill (243)

S11.05 Alcohol Reform Bill

S11.04 Taxation (Tax Administration and Remedial Matters) Bill (257-1)

S11.03 Biosecurity Law Reform Bill 256 –1

S11.02 Smokefree Enviroments (Controls and Envorcement) Amendment Bill

S11.01 Aquaculture Amendment Bill No 3


S10.33 Submission on Student Loan Scheme Bill

S10.32 Submission to the Select Committee for Finance and Expenditure on the Taxation (Income -sharing Tax Credit) Bill (185-1)

S10.31 Submission to the Government Administration Committee on the Identity Information Confirmation Bill (187-1)

S10.30 ERMA importation of Dung Beetle Nov 2010

S10.29 Submission on the Consultation Document Change Proposal – Gender & Women’s Studies programme

S10.28 Submission to Justice and Electoral Committee on the Legal Services Bill

S10.27 Submission on Supporting Children

S10.26 Submission to the Welfare Working Group on the WWG Issues Paper

S10.25 Submission to the Commerce Committee on the Consumer Guarantees Amendment Bill 152-1

S10.24 Submission to the Ministry of Economic Development on the Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy

S10.23 Submission to Primary Production Committee on the Food Bill

S10.22 Submission to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs on Consumer Law Reform

S10.21 Submission to IRD on Making tax easier – a government discussion document

S10.20 Submission to Landcare Research on Pest Management for biodiversity protection

S10.19 Submission on the Registration Report for a Historic Place Kate Sheppard House, Christchurch

S10.18 Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill

S10.17 Submission to the Electoral Legislation Committee on the Electoral (Finance Reform and Advance Voting) Amendment Bill

S10.16 Submission to the Electoral Committee on the Electoral Referendum Bill (128-1)

S10.15 Submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee on the Employment Relations (Rest and Meal breaks) Amendment Bill (91-1)

S10.14 Proposal to Ban Tobacco Retail Displays in New Zealand

S10.13 The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill; Consulation Paper

S10.12 Food Labelling Law and Policy Review

S10.11.1 Supplementary Submission to the Social Services Committee on the Social Assistance (Future Focus) Bill

S10.11 Submission to the Social Services Committee on the Social Assistance (Future Focus) Bill

S10.10 Mining on Conservation Land

S10.09 Submission to the Department of Labour on School Children in Paid Employment

S10.08 Submission to the Law Commission on the Review of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975

S10.07 Submission to the Retirement Commission on the 2010 Review of Retirement Income Policies

S10.06 Submission to Victims Rights Review Committee on the Review of Victims Rights

S10.05 Submission to the Education and Science Committe on the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill

S10.04 Child and Family Protection Bill 2009 (72-1)

S10.03 Submission to the Ministry of Education on the Review of Special Education 2010

S10.02 Fair Trading (Soliciting on Behalf of Charities)

S10.01 Income Splitting


S09.39 Review of the ASA Food and Children’s Codes

S09.38 Submission on the Injury Prevention Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill

S09.37 Submission to the Ministry of Education on the Draft Education Strategy 2010-2015

S09.36 Submission to the Law Commission on the Issues Paper ‘Alcohol in our Lives’ on the Reform of New Zealand’s Liauor Laws

S09.35 Submission to the Minister of Justice on the Proposed Electoral Finance Reform Bill

S09.34 Submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade on the Antarctica (Environmental Protection Liability Annex) Amendment Bill

S09.33 Submission to Legal Aid Review Committee on the Legal Aid Review

S09.32 Submission to Education and Science Committee on Student Loan Scheme (Exemptions and Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Bill

S09.31 Submission to the Ministry of Transport on the Discussion Document Road Safety Strategy to 2020

S09.30 Submission to the Education and Science Select Committee on the Education (Polytechnics) Amendment Bill (70-1)

S09.29 Submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee on the Infrastructure Bill 63-1

S09.28 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Search and Surveillance Bill 45-1

S09.27 Submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee on the Cluster Munitions (Prohibition) Bill 52-1

S09.26 Submission to the Local Government and Environment Committee on the Sustainable Biofuel Bill

S09.25 Submission to the DeptLabour on Code of Employment Practice on Infant Feeding s69Y Empl Relations Amndmnt Act 2008

S09.24 Submission to the Law Commission on Review of Privacy Law

S09.23 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Committee on the Limitation Bill 33-1

S09.22 Submission to the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) Working Group on the Food Regulation Policy – Options Consultation Paper for the Regulation of Infant Formula Products

S09.21 Review of the Holidays Act 2003

S09.20 Australia New Zealand Standard Child Restraint Systems for use in motor vehicles Revision of AS NZS 1754-2004

S09.19 Submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Bill

S09.18 Submission to the Health NZ Food Safety Committee Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the NZ (Mandatory Fortification of Bread with Folic Acid) Food Standard 2007

S09.17 Submission to the Commerce Committee on the Radio New Zealand Amendment Bill (30-1)

S09.16 Submission to the Education and Science Select Committee on the Education Amendment Bill (25-1)

S09.15 Submission to the Education and Science Select Committee on the Student Loan Scheme (Repayment Bonus) Amendment Bill

S09.14 Submission to the Law and Order Committee on the Corrections (Contract Management of Prisons) Amendment Bill

S09.13 Submission to the Ministerial Review Panel on the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004

S09.12 Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the Waste Minimisation in New Zealand Discussion Document

S09.11 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Committee on the Children, Young Persons and their Families (Youth Courts Jurisdiction and Orders) Amendment Bill

S09.10 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill

S09.09 Submission to the Commerce Select Committee on the Insolvency Amendment Bill

S09.08 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Committee on the Sentencing (Offender Levy) Amendment Bill

S09.07 Submission to the Local Government and Environment Select Committee on the Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Bill

S09.06 Submission to the Office of the Voluntary and community Sector on It’s more than talk – Building Better Government Engagement

S09.05 Submission to the Law and Order Committee on the Gangs and Organised Crime Bill

S09.04 Submission to the New Zealand Food Safety Authority – Joint Food Standards Group on the Consultation Paper for a Front of Pack Labelling Policy Guidelines

S09.03 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Domestic Violence (Enhancing Safety Bill)

S09.02 Review of Health and Disability Commission Act Feb 09

S09.01 Submission to the Emissions Trading Review Committee on the Emissions Trading Scheme Review


S08.26 Voluntary Addition of Fluoride to Packaged Water

S08.25 Improvements to Sexual Violence Legislation in New Zealand Public Discussion Document

S08.24 Draft Guidelines for the Use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis with Human Leucocyte Antigen Testing

S08.23 Proposed National Environmental Standard on Ecological Flows and Water Levels

S08.22 Sale of Liquor (Objections to Applications) Amendment Bill (230)

S08.21 People Trafficking, Consultation on a Plan of Action to Prevent People Trafficking

S08.20 2011 Census content consultation

S08.19 Income splitting for families with children

S08.18 Proposed Licence Criteria for Floor Care Products

S08.17 Funding of 12 months treatment with Herceptin (trastuzumab) for HER 2 positive early breast cancer

S08.16 Schools Plus

S08.15 Employment Relations (Breaks and Infant Feeding) Amendment 

S08.14 Walking Access Bill

S08.13 NZ Coastal Policy Statement and Inquiry

S08.12 Public Health Bill

S08.11 Education (Establishment of Universities of Technology) Amendment Bill

S08.10 Draft National Strategy for Financial Literacy

S08.09 Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill

S08.08 Financial Advisers Bill

S08.07 Electricity Industry Reform Amendment Bill

S08.06 Affordable Housing Enabling Territorial Authorities Bill

S08.05 The Future of Tobacco Displays in New Zealand

S08.04 Injury Prevention Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Bill No 2)

S08.03 Labelling of Alcoholic Beverages with a Pregnancy Health Advisory Label

S08.02 Biofuel Bill

S08.01 Easter Trading and Holidays Legislation


S07.57 Land Transport Management Amendment Bill

S07.56 IRD – Tax Treatment of Honoraria & Reimbursements Paid to Volunteers

S07.55 Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Bill No.4

S07.54 Public Transport Management Bill

S07.53 Social Services Select Committee on Family Courts Matters Bill

S07.52 Waste Minimisation (Solids) Bill

S07.51 Immigration Bill – Supplementary Submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee

S07.50 Employment Flexible Working Hours SOP

S07.49 Gambling Amendment Bill

S07.48 Misuse of Drugs BZP

S07.47 MED Bioprospecting

S07.46 Immigration Bill

S07.45 Second Scope of Practice Midwifery Assistant

S07.44 Marine Protected Areas Draft Classification

S07.43 LGC Operational Review of LGA 2002 et LEA 2001

S07.42 Electricity Fixed Charges Bill

S07.41 This Submission number was not utilised

S07.40 Electoral Finance Bill

S07.39 Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling

S07.38 Policing Review

S07.37 Redrafted Cosmetic Procedures

S07.36 Out of School Service Action Plan

S07.35 Review of Retirement Income Policies

S07.34 Inquiry into Monetary Policy

S07.33 Tourism Strategy 2015

S07.32 Proposed National Policy statement-Electricity Transmission Evaluation S.32 RMA 1991

S07.31 Newborn Blood Spot Cards – Consent, Storage and Use

S07.30 Tertiary Reforms Amendment Bill

S07.29 Agenda for Children Revisited

S07.28 Mandatory Fortification with Iodine

S07.27 Inquiry into Housing Affordability in New Zealand

S07.26 Terrorism Suppression Bill

S07.25 Justice & Law Reform Select Committee on the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill

S07.24 Proposed Variation to the Retirement Villages Code of Practise 2006

S07.23 Births Deaths Marriages and Relationships Registration Amendment Bill

S07.22 Fisheries Act 1996 Amendment Bill

S07.21 Independent Inquiry into Local Government Rates

S07.20 Review on Retirement Policies

S07.19 Draft Statement on Cosmetic Procedures

S07.18 Transitional Measures towards Low Emissions

S07.17 Ministry of Health on the ‘Towards a New Zealand Medicines Strategy’

S07.16 To Energy Efficiency & Conservation Auth’ty on draft NZ Energy Efficiency & Conservation Stragegy

S07.15 Min of Agriculture & Forestry -Sustainable Land Management & Climate Change

S07.14 NZ Food Safety Auth’ty on Proposed Changes to Regulation of Dietary Supplements

S07.13 Social Services Committee on the Social Security Amendment Bill

S07.12 Justice & Electoral Select Comm on the Criminal Justice Reform Bill

S07.11 Health Select Committee on the Mental Health Commission Amendment Bill

S07.10 Office for Senior Citizens on the Home Equity Conversion (HEC) Schemes

S07.09 Protection of Personal and Property Rights Amendment Bill

S07.08 Proposal that Herbal Medicine become a Regulated Profession under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

S07.07 Social Security (Entitlement Cards) Amendment Bill

S07.06 Approval method for Consumer Complaints Resolution Schemes

S07.05 Ecolabelling Commercial Modular Tile Carpets

S07.04 Domestic Food Review

S07.03 Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill

S07.02 Student Loans Amendment Bill No 2

S07.01 The Charities Commission re Public Access to Information on the Charities Register


S06.56 Update of the Schedule of Medicines (Designated Prescriber-Optometrist) Regs 2005

S06.55 New Zealand Digital Content Strategy

S06.54 Quality Flexible Work-Increasing availability and take up in NZ

S06.53 Tax Incentives for Giving to Charities and other Non-profit Organisations

S06.52 Building (Late Consent is Free Consent) Amendment Bill

S06.51 Succession (Homicide) Bill

S06.50 Minimum Wage and Remuneration Amendment Bill

S06.49 Religious Diversity

S06.48 Wills Bill

S06.47 Regulation of Alcohol Advertising

S06.46 Proposal to Revoke the Vocational Scope of Breast Medicine

S06.45 NZ Curriculum Draft Consultation Developing the Second Tertiary Strategy 2007

S06.44 Review of Level of Protection for some New Zealand Wild Life

S06.43 The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi Deletion Bill

S06.42 Weather-tight Homes Resolution Services Amendment Bill

S06.41 Consultation Document – Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm 2007-2010

S06.40 Mandatory Fortification with Iodine – Proposal P230 Draft Assessment Report

S06.39 Corrections (Mothers with Babies) Amendment Bill

S06.38 Justices of the Peace Amendment Bill

S06.37 Review of the Building Code – Building for the 21st Century

S06.36 Waste Minimisation (Solids) Bill

S06.35 Consultation Draft for NZ National Implementation Plan for Persistent Organic Pollutants

S06.34 Guidelines on the Use of Human Tissue for Future Unspecified Research Purposes

S06.33 Reserve Bank NZ Amendment Bill

S06.32 Ethical values for Planning for and Responding to a Pandemic in New Zealand

S06.31 Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal (Easter Trading) Amendment Bill

S06.30 Care and Support in the Community Setting

S06.29 Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill

S06.28 Electoral ((Reduction in Number of Members of Parliament) Amendment Bill

S06.27 Social Security (Long Term Residential Care) Amendment Bill

S06.26 Taxation (Annual Rates, Savings Investment, and Miscellaneous) Bill

S06.25 Young Offenders (Serious Crimes) Bill

S06.24 Employment Relations (Probationary Employment) Amendment Bill

S06.23 Immigration Act Review

S06.22 Establish Benthic Protection Areas by Fishing Industry

S06.21 Law Reform (Epidemic Preparedness) Bill

S06.20 Draft National Drug Policy 2006-2011

S06.19 Resource Management (Climate Protection) Amendment Bill

S06.18 Crimes of Torture Amendment Bill

S06.17 Securities Legislation Bill Regulations Discussion Document

S06.16 Local Government Law Reform Bill

S06.15 KiwiSaver Bill

S06.14 Auckland Road Pricing Evalation Study

S06.13 Direct-to-Consumer-Advertising of Prescription Medicines in New Zealand

S06.12 Minimum Wage (Abolition of Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill

S06.11 Domestic Food Review

S06.10 Employment Relations Amendment Bill

S06.09 Insolvency Law Reform Bill

S06.08 NZ Superannuation & Veterans’ Pensions (Entitlement of spouses & partners ……. Bill)

S06.07 Nutritional Health & Related Claims – A guide to the dvlpmnt of a food std for Australia & NZ

S06.06 Immigration Advisers Licensing Bill

S06.05 Local Bill No 6-1

S06.04 LTSA – Amendment Rule (No 2) 2006 91001-3, Older Driver Licensing

S06.03 Guidelines on Using Cells from Established Human Embryonic Stem Cells for Research

S06.02 Crimes (Abolition of Force as a Justification for Child Discipline) Amendment Bill

S06.01 Paid Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid parental Leave for Self-Employed Persons) Amendment Bill


S05.55 Employment Relations (Flexible Working Hours) Amendment Bill

S05.54 Sale of Liquor (Youth Alcohol Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill

S05.53 NRV guidelines questionnaire 2005

S05.52 Proposed National Environmental Standard for Human Drinking Water Sources

S05.51 Charities Commission Draft Registration Forms

S05.50 Plant Variety Rights Amendment Bill

S05.49 Public Libraries of New Zealand – A strategic framework 2005-2015

S05.48 Review on the Code of Banking Practice

S05.47 General Social Survey – Preliminary Consultation

S05.46 DZ8134.6 Guidance for Community Services for People with Dementia and Audit Workbook

S05.45 Adult to Child Ratios, New Options Early Childhood Education

S05.44 Product Stewardship and Water Efficiency Labelling

S05.43 Energy Safety Review Bill

S05.42 Sale of Liquor (Youth Alcohol Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill

S05.41 Taxation (Depreciation, Payment Dates Alignment, FBT and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

S05.40 Evidence Bill

S05.39 Legal Service Amendment Bill No 2

S05.38 review of issues affecting Utilities and Road, Rail and Motorway Corridors

S05.37 New Zealand Day Bill

S05.36 Injury Impairment Rehabilitation and Disability Research Portfolio Strategy Review

S05.35 Judicature Amendment Bill (No 3)

S05.34 New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy – A Life Worth Living

S05.33 Ecolabelling for Toner Cartridges

S05.32 Crimes (Intimate Covert Filming) Bill

S05.31 Aromatase Inhibitors for Early Breast Cancer

S05.30 Climate Change Response Amendment Bill

S05.29 Arms Amendment Bill (No 3)

S05.28 Health Industry Sponsorship of Consumer Health Organisations Questionnaire

S05.27 People with Chronic Conditions

S05.26 The Cultural, Spiritual and Ethical Aspects of Xenotransplantation

S05.25 Railway Network Bill

S05.24 Adult and Community Education (ACE) Funding Framework

S05.23 Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Approval and Enforcement) Amendment Bill

S05.22 Inquiry to review New Zealand’s existing constitutional arrangements

S05.21 Harmonisation of CEDAW Reporting

S05.20 Development of a mobile phone question for the individual Census form

S05.19 Ageing NZ 2001-2021 Demand Projections & Workforce Implications

S05.18 Freshwater for a Sustainable Future

S05.17 Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill (No.2)

S05.16 Charities Bill

S05.15 Inquiry into the 2004 Local Authority Elections

S05.14 Retirement Villages Act 2003 – Draft Code of Practice

S05.13 Education Amendment Bill 2004

S05.12 Regulation of Financial Intermediaries – measuring up financial advisers & marketers

S05.11 Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

S05.10 Resource Management and Electricity Legislation Amendment Bill

S05.09 Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims Bill

S05.08 Budget Policy Statement 2005

S05.07 Silver Coin Review – 5 cent coin

S05.06 Overseas Investment Bill

S05.05 Fiordland Marine Management Bill

S05.04 Assisted Reproductive Technologies

S05.03 NZ Vehicle Emissions Screening Programme

S05.02 Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill No.3 SOP 298

S05.01 Social Security (Social Assistance) Amendment Bill


S04.59 Proposed FTAs between ASEAN Australia and NZ and proposed Bilateral FTA with Malaysia

S04.58 Independent Review of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement

S04.57 Observational Research Audit and Related Activities

S04.56 Stds of Clinical Competence Cultural Competence & Ethical Conduct Osteopaths

S04.55 Customs & Excise (Motor Spirits) Amendment Bill

S04.54 Education (Establishment of Universities) Amendment Bill

S04.53 Second National Mental Health and Addiction Plan 2005-2015

S04.52 Historic Places Amendment Bill

S04.51 Proposed Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004

S04.50 Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill (No.3)

S04.49 Inquiry into Hate Speech

S04.48 Submission on the 1080 Reassessment

S04.47 Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill (No.3)

S04.46 Overseas Investment (Queen’s Chain Extension) Amendment Bill

S04.45 Driver Licensing Proposals – Overseas Drivers

S04.44 Identity (Citizenship and Travel Documents) Bill

S04.43 Draft Digital Strategy Feedback

S04.42 Land Transport Amendment Bill

S04.41 Civil Union and the Relationships (Statutory Relationships) Bills

S04.40 Reducing Neural Tube Defect in New Zealand

S04.39 Building the Future – Towards a New Zealand Housing Strategy

S04.38 New Zealand Sign Language Bill

S04.37 Podiatrists Board-Draft Submission,New Prescribers Advisory Comm for Restricted Prescribing Rights

S04.36 Pharmac – Proposals to Restrict Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

S04.35 New Zealand Superannuation Bill

S04.34 DZ8164 Standards for Day-Stay & Rooms Office-based Surgery & Other Procedures

S04.33 Terms of Reference for Multi-Centre & Regional Ethics Committees

S04.32 Foreshore & Related Sea Matters on the Foreshore and Seabed Bill

S04.31 Midwifery Scope of Practice, Qualifications and Competencies

S04.30 Assisted Human Reproduction Guidelines for the Practice of Embryo Donation for Reproductive Purposes

S04.29 Crimes (Drug Rape) Amendment Bill

S04.28 Review of the Regulation of Human Tissue and Tissue Based Therapies

S04.27 Charities Bill

S04.26 Complementary, Alternative and Unconventional Medicine

S04.25 New Issues in Legal Parenthood Preliminary Paper 54

S04.24 Draft Terms of Reference and Project Proposal for Foods Derived From Biotechnology

S04.23 Taxation (Annual rates, Venture Capital and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

S04.22 P271 FSANZ Liqueur Definition

S04.21 Films, Videos and Publications Classification Amendment Bill

S04.20 Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm Stratefic Plan 2004-2010

S04.19 Local Government Law Reform Bill (No 3)

S04.18 Human Genes in Other Organisms

S04.17 Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action from the National Council of Women of New Zealand

S04.16 Review of the Health and Disability Commissioner Act and Code of Health and Disability Sces Consumers Right

S04.15 Proposal P278 -Use of Nicotine and Nicotianna Species in Food

S04.14 social Security (Long-term Residential Care) Amendment Bill

S04.13 Scopes of Practice for Nursing

S04.12 Medical Council on the Disclosure of Harm

S04.11 Work-Life Balance Project

S04.10 Inquiry into New Zealand’s Relationship with Tonga

S04.09 Gambling Act 2003 Consultation on Possible Regulations

S04.08 Members of Parliament (Pecuniaryinterests) Bill

S04.07 Streamlining the Taxation of Fringe Benefits

S04.06 Employment Relations Law Reform Bill

S04.05 Parole (Extended Supervision) and Sentencing Amendment Bill

S04.04 Sale of Liquor Amendment Bill (No 2)

S04.03 Budget Policy Statement 2004

S04.02 Fortification of the Food Supply with Vitamins and Minerals

S04.01 Proposed Registration Pathways, Scopes of Practice and Qualifications under Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003


S03.91 Getting There on Foot by Cycle

S03.90 General Agreements on Trades and Services (GATS)

S03.89 Draft General Policy National Parks Act

S03.88 Draft General Policy Conservation Act and Related Legislation

S03.87 Keeping Clear Sexual Boundaries, the doctor-patient relationship

S03.86 Architects Bill

S03.85 System of Ethical Review of Health and Disability Research in NZ

S03.84 Ethical Review of Observational Research, Audit and Related Activities

S03.83 Making Tax Easier for Small Businesses

S03.82 DZ 8151-2003. Accident and Medical Clinics – Revision

S03.81 Student Support in New Zealand

S03.80 Building Bill

S03.79 Risk Management

S03.78 Further Consumer Protection Measures for Homeowners

S03.77 Independent Assessment of the NZ Coastal Policy Statement

S03.76 Railways Bill

S03.75 Foreshore and Seabed in New Zealand

S03.74 National Civil Defence Emergency Management Strategy

S03.73 Resource Management (Energy and Climate Change) Amendment Bill

S03.72 Care of Children Bill

S03.71 Proposed Credit Information Privacy Code 2003

S03.70 Illuminated or Blinded by Science-discussion paper on the role of science in environmental policy and decision making

S03.69 Sex Offenders Registry Bill

S03.68 2001 Census on Population and Dwellings Output Review

S03.67 Taxation (Annual Rates,GST,Trans-Tasman Imputation & Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

S03.66 Establishment of a National Breastfeeding Committee for New Zealand

S03.65 Trans Tasman Therapeutic Products Advertising Code

S03.64 Professional Relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry

S03.63 Second Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Bill

S03.62 Services to Voters with Disabilities

S03.61 Draft for Consultation on NZAID Policy

S03.60 Policy framework for food-type dietary supplements (FTDS)

S03.59 Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid Parental Leave) Amendment Bill

S03.58 Review of the Protected Disclosures Act 2000

S03.57 Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill and SOP No.80

S03.56 Families Commission Bill

S03.55 Inquiry into the New Zealand Electricity Industry

S03.54 Review of Accident Compensation (ACC) Medical Misadventure

S03.53 Review of Notifiable Diseases and Conditions

S03.52 Review of the Trade Measurement Accreditation and Verification Scheme

S03.51 Review of Civil Court Fees, Stage Two Consultation Document

S03.50 Like Minds Like Mine National Plan 2003-2005 Consultation

S03.49 Census Advisory – 2006 Census Content

S03.48 New Organisms and Other Matters Bill

S03.47 – Local Government Law Reform Bill (No.2) and Supplementary Order Paper No.79

S03.46 Tax Implications of Certain Asset Transfers

S03.45 Holidays Bill

S03.44 Complementary & Alternative Medicine Current Policies and Policy Issues in NZ & Selected Countries

S03.43 Voluntary GM-Free Labelling Discussion Paper

S03.42 New Zealanders’ Retirement Saving – submission to the Periodic Report Group 2003, Treasury

S03.41 Land Transport Rule – Vehicle Equipment (Rule 32017)

S03.40 Corrections Bill, Law and Order Select Committee submission

S03.39 Radio New Zealand Amendment Bill

S03.38 Proposed Land Transport Rule, Dangerous Goods. Rule 45001-1

S03.37 Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students

S03.36 Seeking Solutions – Options for change to the New Zealand Court System

S03.35 Land Transport Rule Traffic Control Devices (Rule 54002)

S03.34 Supreme Court Bill

S03.33 Developing a National Healthline

S03.32 Health (Screening Programmes) Amendment Bill

S03.31 Independent Police Complaints Authority Amendment Bill

S03.30 Authentication for e-government

S03.29 Oceans Policy Stage 2 Working Papers

S03.28 Consumer Credit Bill

S03.27 Promoting public health, preventing ill health and managing communicable diseases

S03.26 Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Stockholm Convention) Amendment Bill

S03.25 Injury Prevention Rehabilitation & Compensation (Review Costs & Appeals) Regulations Review

S03.24 Inquiry into the 2002 General Election

S03.23 Proposed Land Transport (Road User) Rule

S03.22 Towards an Action Plan for New Zealand Women

S03.21 Inquiry into NZ’s Political,Diplomatic,Trade & Cultural Relationship with Latin American Countries

S03.20 Supreme Court Bill

S03.19 Review of the NZ Radiation Protection Legislation

S03.18 Liquor Advertising and Liquor Programme Code Consultation – 2003 Review

S03.17 Towards a Cancer Control Strategy for New Zealand – Marahi Tauporo

S03.16 Collecting Vacancy Information in New Zealand

S03.15 Families Commission – Proposed Scope, Functions and Structure

S03.14 Proposed Options for Country of Origin Labelling of Food

S03.13 Bioprospecting in New Zealand

S03.12 Confidential Paper (refer National Office)

S03.11 Draft Biosecurity Strategy for New Zealand – Guarding Pacific’s Triple Star

S03.10 Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Sector Standard

S03.09 Digital Technology and the Copyright Act 1994

S03.08 Care and Protection Resource Panels

S03.07 Air New Zealand and Qantas Strategic Alliance Agreement

S03.06 Land Transport Management Bill

S03.05 Review of Certain Aspects of the Operation of the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA)

S03.04 Budget Policy Statement of 11 December 2002

S03.03 Marine Reserves Bill

S03.02 DPB-WB-EMA Reforms Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (2002)

S03.01 Draft New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy (ACC)


S02.50 Priorities for Animal Products Food Safety Research in New Zealand

S02.49 Draft National Plan for Minimising Gambling Harm

S02.48 Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Bill

S02.47 Discussion Document – Monitoring Progress Towards a Sustainable New Zealand

S02.46 Independent Review of the Electricity Complaints Commission Code of Practice

S02.45 Next Steps Towards Pay Equity – Ministry of Women’s Affairs Discussion Document

S02.44 Screening Appraisal Criteria – National Health Committee Discussion Document

S02.43 Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Bill (No.2)

S02.42 Consultation on Maternity Service Specifications

S02.41 Policy guidelines for the regulation of caffeine in food

S02.40 Home and Community Support Sector Standard

S02.39 Reserve Bank of NZ Amendment Bill

S02.38 Non official representation on official delegations

S02.37 Standardisation in the New Zealand Economy

S02.36 Proposal for a Trans Tasman Agency to Regulate Therapeutic Products

S02.35 Proposal P235 – Review of Food-Type Supplements

S02.34 Striking the Balance – Review of the New Zealand Court System 2002

S02.33 Curriculum Development Consultation Programme

S02.32 Towards a Pesticides Risk Reduction Policy for New Zealand

S02.31 National Library of New Zealand Bill (Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa Bill)

S02.30 Climate Change Response Bill

S02.29 Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Bill

S02.28 Climate Change – The Government’s Preferred Policy Package

S02.27 Land Transport (Street and Illegal Drag Racing) Amendment Bill

S02.26 Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

S02.25 Making Sure Every Child Gets a Good Start

S02.24 Draft Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights (the draft ACC code)

S02.23 Proposed Credit Information Privacy Code

S02.22 Breast Milk Substitutes

S02.21 Discussion Paper No 49 Protection Personal Information

S02.20 Review of the Health (Cervical Screening -Kaitiaki-) Regulations

S02.19 Your Pregnancy, A Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth in New Zealand

S02.18 Land Transport Rule – Traffic Control Devices Rules 54002

S02.17 Retirement Villages Bill

S02.16 Local Services Mapping – Proposal for the Future Communities and Child Youth and Family Working Together

S02.15 Discussion Paper No 47 Family Court Dispute Resolution

S02.14 Transnational Organised Crime Bill

S02.13 Responsible Gambling Bill

S02.12 Healthy Action – Healthy Eating

S02.11 Tertiary Education Reform Bill

S02.10 Draft Government Report (Status of Women Report Nov 2001) to the UN CEDAW Monitoring Committee

S02.09 Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Bill

S02.08 Code of Banking Practice

S02.07 Local Government Bill

S02.06 Taxation (Relief, Refunds and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

S02.05 Social Security (Working towards Employment) Amendment Bill 2001

S02.04 Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid Parental Leave) Amendment Bill

S02.03 Resource Management (Aquaculture Moratorium) Amendment Bill

S02.02 Securities Market and Institutions Bill

S02.01 Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms) Amendment Bill


S01.75 Climate Change

S01.74 Maternity Services Pursuant to Section 88

S01.73 Terrorism Bill

S01.72 Preliminary Paper 45 – Reforming the Rules of General Discovery

S01.71 Smokefree Environments (Enhanced Protection) Amendment Bill and Supplementary Order Paper (SOP)

S01.70 Volunteer Policy Project

S01.69 Social Workers Registration Bill

S01.68 Commissioner for Children Bill

S01.67 Health of Older People Strategy Health Sector Action to 2010 to Support Positive Ageing

S01.66 Safe Systems Supporting Safe Care – Discussion Document on Quality Improvement in Health Care

S01.65 Further Submission on the Human Rights Amendment Bill

S01.64 Petrol and Diesel – Delevering Quality

S01.63 Human Rights Amendment Bill

S01.62 ANZFA Proposal P244 Folate Pilot Revisions to List of Approved Products

S01.61 Development of the Strategic Plan for Early Childhool Education

S01.60 Biosecurity Amendment Bill

S01.59 Land Transport Rule – Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (Rule 41001) and Issues Paper

S01.58 Tax and Charities – Government Discussion Document

S01.57 Review of the Local Government Act

S01.56 Vehicle Safety Proposals

S01.55 Court Fees (Waiver) Bill

S01.54 Blueprint Oceans

S01.53 Tax Review 2001 Issues Paper June 2001

S01.52 draft Operational standard for Health and Disability Ethics Committee

S01.51 Assisted Human Reproduction Ministry of Health on the Draft Guidelines for Non Commercial Altruistic Surrogacy Using IVF as Treatment

S01.50 Improving the National Cervical Screening Programme – Law Changes to Support the Audit of the Programme

S01.49 Child Support Amendment Bill

S01.48 DZ 8151 Quality Standards for Accident and Medical Clinics

S01.47 Proposed Amendments to the Electricity Regulations 1997 (The Regulations)

S01.46 Post-Compulsory Education Unique Identifier Code 2001 (PCEUIC)

S01.45 Agenda for Children Discussion Document

S01.44 Telecommunications Bill

S01.43 Draft National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

S01.42 Lead Maternity Care Services – Proposal

S01.41 He Korowai Oranga – Maori Health Strategy

S01.40 Mngt of Human Health Risks Associated with imported Food Products Contaminated with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Agent

S01.39 Sexual Boundaries in the Doctor Patient Relationship

S01.38 Electoral Amendment Bill (No 2)

S01.37 Review of Processes Concerning Adverse Medical Events by Helen Cull QC

S01.36 NZ Stock Exchange Restructuring Bill

S01.35 Gaming Reform in New Zealand – Towards a New Legislative Framework

S01.34 Affirming Diversity of Sexualities in the School Community

S01.33 Women’s Health Strategy

S01.32 International Treaties Bill

S01.31 Medical Practitioners (Foreign Qualified Medical Practitioners) Amendment Bill

S01.30 Proposals for Revised and New Ambient Air Quality Guidelines

S01.29 Draft National Pest Plant Accord

S01.28 Motor Vehicle Sales – A Proposed Regulatory Regime

S01.27 Injury and Prevention Rehabilitation Bill

S01.26 Inquiry into the role of local government in meeting New Zealand’s climate change target

S01.25 Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

S01.24 Victims’ Rights Bill

S01.23 Prostitution Reform Bill

S01.22 Codex Task Force papers on Foods Derived from Biotechnology

S01.21 Subsiding Litigation – A discussion Paper

S01.20 Review of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

S01.19 Used Oil Recovery, reuse and disposal in New Zealand – Issues and Options

S01.18 Strategic Plan for Early childhood Education

S01.17 Local Electoral Bill

S01.16 Housing Corporation Amendment Bill

S01.15 University Entrance and the National Certificate of Educational Achievement

S01.14 Formulated Caffeinated Beverages – Formerly Energy Drinks

S01.13 Options Regulating the Term Organic in the New Zealand Domestic Market

S01.12 Baby Walker Safety Issues

S01.11 Local Government (Elected Member Remuneration & Trading Enterprises) Amendment Bill

S01.10 Electricity Industry Bill

S01.09 Re-evaluation of Human Rights Protections in New Zealand

S01.08 New Zealand Superannuation Bill

S01.07 Auckand Improvement Trust Amendment Bill

S01.06 Electronic Transactions Bill

S01.05 Adoption – Options for Reform Law Commission Report 65 – Adoption and its Alternatives

S01.04 Summit Road (Canterbury) Protection Bill

S01.03 Proposed Code for Advertising of Gaming and Gambling

S01.02 Amendments to Gas Regulations 1993

S01.01 Free-to-Air TV Code of Broadcasting Practice


S00.81 Dept of Conservation on Tapui Taimoana-Reviewing the Marine Reserves Act 1971 S00.78 Govt. Admin Select Comm on the Cigarettes (Fire Safety) Bill

S00.80 Nat Rd Sfty Comm Land Sfty Auth’ty on the Road Safety Strategy 2010

S00.79 Min.of Environment on the Review of Environmental Choice NZ

S00.78 Govt. Admin Select Comm on the Cigarettes (Fire Safety) Bill

S00.77 Steering Committee on Proposals for the Establishment of an Ombudsman for the Electricity Industry

S00.76 Employment Relations Svce-ILO Maternity Protection Convention 2000, Dpt of Labour Assessment of Domestic Legislation Disc Paper

S00.75 Min.of Justice -on the Responsibilities for Children, especially when Parents Part. Laws about Guardianship, Custody & Access

S00.74 Min. of Hlth – Health & Disabilities Bill, Feedback on Proposed Implementation Process to Designate Audit Agencies

S00.73 NZ Assoc of Optometrists – Consultation Document Optometrist Independent Prescribing August 2000

S00.72 Finance & Exp Select Comm on Taxation (Beneficiary Income relating to Minors, Service-related Payments & Remedial Matters) Bill

S00.71 Submission (Public) to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification

S00.70 Min of Health – Health Professionals’ Competency Assurance Bill Discussion Document

S00.69 Govt Admin Select Committee – Films Videos & Publications Classification (Prohibition of Child Pornography) Amendment Bill

S00.68 Min of Health – Making a World of Difference, Whakanui Oranga the New Zealand Disability Strategy

S00.67 Nursing Council of NZ – the Regulation of the Nurse Practitioner

S00.66 Aust & NZ Food Autht’y on Review of Health & Related Claims for Proposal P153 & Pilot for Mngement F’work for Health Claims P170

S00.65 Australia & NZ Food Autht’y, Application A382 – Food derived from insect-protected potato lines

S00.64 Education & Science Select Committee on the Apprenticeship Training Bill

S00.63 Law Commission on Preliminary Paper 41 Battered Defendant, Victims of Domestic Violence Who Offend

S00.62 Australia New Zealand Food Auth’ty on Proposal 226 – Transitional Arangements for Infant Formula Products

S00.61Australia & New Zealand Food Auth’ty on Appl’n A393 – Bromo-Chloro-Dimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) as a Processing Aid

S00.60 Review of Procedures for Referral & Notification & Casement Child Youth & Family Services

S00.59 Social Svces Select Comittee on the Children, Young Persons & Their Families Amendment Bill (No.3)

S00.58 Australia & NZ Food Auth’ty on Proposal 226 – Transitional Std for Operation of Food Stds Code & the Aust NZ Food Stds Code Transitional Arrangements

S00.57 Australia & NZ Food Auth’ty on Appln A417 – Tall Oil Non-Esterified Phytosterois as Novel Food Ingredients

S00.56 Min of Agriculture & Forestry on the Draft General Principles for the Risk Analysis of Foods Derived from Biotechnology

S00.55 Commissioner for the Environment on Ageing Pipes and Murky Waters

S00.54 Health Select Committee on the New Zealand Public Health & Disability Bill

S00.53 Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade Select Comm. on the NZ Nuclear Free Zone Extension Bill

S00.52 ANZ Food Auth’ty on Proposal P154 – A Variation to Standard K2 – Honey and Related Products

S00.51 Hlth Funding Auth’ty on Consultation Doco – Nationally Consistent Travel & Accomm Asstance Policy for Users of Hlth & Disability Svces

S00.50 ANZ Food Auth’ty on Proposal 223 Review of Std.A17 Irradiation of Food & Std.A19 Novel Foods

S00.49 ANZ Food Authority on Proposal 224 Review of Stds A1 & Transitional Arrangements

S00.48 Min of Agriculture & Forestry, Disc.paper No.20 Animal Products Act 1999, Proposed Contaminant Monitoring & Surveillance Regulated Control Scheme

S00.47 Min of Agriculture & Fisheries, Disc paper No.29 Animal Products Act 1999, Guide for Homekill & Recreational Catch

S00.46 Australia New Zeland Food Autht’y on Appln A387 High oleic acid soybeans; A346, A355, A362, and A363

S00.45 Ministry of Economic Development on Review of the Securities Regulations 1983

S00.44 Health Funding Autht’y on NZ Palliative Care Strategy Discussion Document

S00.43 Australia and New Zealand Food Autht’y on Appln A410 – Phytosterol Esters as Novel Food Ingredients

S00.42 Social Services Select Committee on Student Loan Scheme Amendment Bill

S00.41 This submission number not utilised

S00.40 Securities Commission on the Binding Rulings on Securities Law Discussion Paper

S00.39 Law Commission on the Misuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney, Preliminary Paper 40

S00.38 Television Broadcaster’s Council on Free-to-Air TV Code of Broadcasting Practice

S00.37 Ministry of Health on NZ Health Strategy Discussion Document

S00.36 NZ Qualifications Authority on the Discussion Document – Registering Qualifications in New Zealand

S00.35 Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Inquiry into MMP

S00.34 Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on the Taxpayers’ Charter Bill

S00.33 Ministry of Youth Affairs on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) – Draft Report May 2000

S00.32 Australia New Zealand Food Authy on Proposal P222-Varation to Std A1(19)-folate-NTD Health Claims

S00.31 Securities Commission on the Discussion Pper – Retirement Villages

S00.30 Justice and Electoral Reform Select Committee (SOP), Matrimonial Property Amendment Bill -The Property (Relationships) Bill

S00.29 Education and Science Select Committee on Student Fees, Loans, Allowances and the Overall Resourcing of Tertiary Education

S00.28 Australia New Zealand Authority on Appln A411 Pasteurisation of Orange Juice or Labelling of Unpasteurised Orange Juice

S00.27 Health Funding Auth’ty on Policy & Quality Standards for National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP)

S00.26 Ministry of Economic Development on the Energy Safe Consultation Paper

S00.25 NZ Breast Feeding Auth’ty on WHO-UNICEF Friendly Hospital Initiative for Aotearoa New Zealand

S00.24 Social Services Select Committee on Housing Restructuring (Income Related Rents) Amendment Bill

S00.23 ANZ Food Auth’ty on Proposals P206 & P207 Added Water & Percentage Labelling-draft Std 1.2.10-Characterising Ingred & Components of Food

S00.22 Submission to Ministry for the Environment on bio-what

S00.21 Submission to the Ministry of Health on the Future Shape of Primary Health Care

S00.20 Submission to the Education and Science Committee – Education Amendment Bill

S00.19 Submission to the Local Government and Environment Select Committee – Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Bill (No.2)

S00.18 Submission to the Employment & Accident Insurance Legislation Committee – Employment Relations Bill

S00.17 Submission to the Education & Science Committee – Student Loan Scheme Amendment Bill (No.6)

S00.16 Submission to Justice & Electoral Select Committee – Referenda (Postal Voting Bill)

S00.15 ANZFA P219 – Labelling of foods containing alcohol

S00.14 Submission to the ANZAF A402 – Lipase from Genetically Modified Aspergillus Oryzae

S00.13 Submission ANZAF A400 – Pentaerythritol ester of wood resin on citrus fruit

S00.12 Submission to the Privacy Commission on the Privacy Act 1993 EDS Information Privacy Code 1997, Proposed Amendment No.1

S00.11 Submission to the Health Funding Authority on the Contractual Clause for all Maternity Services Contracts

S00.10 Submission to the Ministry of Health on Consultation on Immunisation Standards 1996

S00.09 Submission to IBAC on the Economic Implications of a First Release of Genetically Modified Organisms in NZ, A Discussion Paper

S00.08 Submission the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Amendments to the Statutes Amendment (No.7)

S00.07 Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on Making Every Drop Count, the National Agenda for Sustainable Water Management Action Plan

S00.06 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee

S00.05 Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill

S00.04 Submission to the Ministry for the Environment – Discussion paper – Towards an NZ Definition of Hazardous Waste

S00.03 Submission to the Ministry of Education on Legislation for Learning, a discussion paper…..

S00.02 Agenda New Zealand-A Gift of Positive Race Relations to Future Generations

S00.01 Submission to the Australia New Zealand Food Authority on Discussion Papers A372, A375 and A378-387, Applications to approve Foods Produced using Gene Technology