NCWNZ Archive

To further its charitable purposes the National Council of Women of New Zealand has a long and proud history promoting improvements to the quality of life of women, families and the community.  NCWNZ’s actions have helped shape the social and economic fabric of our country. Today  our work focuses on realising our vision, a gender equal New Zealand.

We realise the breadth and depth of our work is of interest to many and wish to enable the public to access our archives and the rich history they reveal.

There are two parts to this archive, Resolutions and Submissions.

Resolutions form the policies for the work of the organisation. Since 1896 the organisation has agreed resolutions by a majority vote at national conferences. They reflect the concerns, interests and language of our members at the time they were adopted.

Submissions are one of the ways NCWNZ strives to inform and influence law and policy. Submissions are made to parliament, government departments and other organisations. Each submission is informed by the resolutions agreed at national conferences and the input of our members. This archive includes submissions from 2000 to the present day. The standard has varied as they, like all work of the Council, have been reliant on voluntary labour.

The work of NCWNZ is not static and the resolutions and submissions may no longer reflect the views of the organisation or its members.