What We Do

Our vision is a gender equal New Zealand. 

We want all New Zealanders to have the freedom and opportunity to determine their own future.

As our contribution to this, we focus on tackling the causes of gender inequality rather than the symptoms. We work to understand the cultural norms that support inequality and to drive the cultural change needed to shift the dominating beliefs and processes that prevent equality from being a reality.

Our work targets four areas of inequality that prevent New Zealand from moving forward:

  • safety and health – domestic and sexual violence, sexual and reproductive health, access to healthcare including abortion, and mental health issues
  • economic independence – poverty rates including minimum wage, occupational segregation, workplace participation, childcare, caregiving and unpaid work, and pay equity issues
  • education – gender roles and subjects, early childhood education supporting diversity, consent and healthy relationships programmes, and sexual and gender diversity
  • influence and decision making – rates of women in management, governance, leadership and decision-making roles in the political, private and voluntary sectors


Our Briefing to Incoming Ministers November 2017 provides more information about our current work programmes and goals as at November 2017.

Our white paper: Enabling Women’s Potential – the social, economic and ethical imperative, released in November 2015, provides more rationale for our work.