Student Posters – Is New Zealand an Equal Society?

As part of their core studio learning, Massey University School of Design second year students were tasked with producing two posters in response to the theme “Is New Zealand an Equal Society?” Some of the results are here.

One Response to “Student Posters – Is New Zealand an Equal Society?”

  1. Maria Walker 22 February 2017 at 11:25 am # Reply

    I Like these posters. I always thought I was equal until I had a child, Then I realised my career had to take a back seat in order to provide the kind of parenting I wanted for my child. Male Privilege is still the norm. You only notice that kind of privilege (to follow your career, power over money, status,) when you haven’t got it. I think we’re still set up to either neglect our children or neglect ourselves, as women. A long way to go, and I’m lucky compared to most. I commend your work as a mother, as psychotherapist and think true equality benefits all of us.

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