Sexist or a bit of fun? Auckland truck firm defends joke about women on back of van

By Brad Flahive, originally published on Stuff

The back of a truck is traditionally not for the faint-hearted – it can be rude, crude and at times rather funny – but as we fight to close the gender gap is it time for its tone to be reconsidered?

A south Auckland transport company pondered a question on the bed of one of its truck's carriages: "If a woman watches a movie alone... who answers all her questions?"

Northchill Ltd's owner said it was not intended to offend people and was an attempt to bring humour to would-be readers.

But a gender equality advocacy group said it was an example of the type of insidious sexism that continues to prop up gender inequality.

"It's exactly the type of subtle everyday interaction that maintain gender inequality by holding on to these rigid expectations of what it means to be a woman or a man," said Lisa Lawrence, president of the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ). 

"It's poor form and it's disappointing to see that happening in the 21st Century."

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