Politicians speak out on gender equality

suffragistsThe National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) believes it is important to consider gender equality when deciding who to vote for in the upcoming general election. Therefore, we sent each political party four questions around this topic.

The parties that answered were ACT, the Greens, the Internet Party, Labour, the Mana Movement, National, NZ First, and United Future. The Conservative and Maori parties did not respond.

As expected, the parties’ answers varied hugely from ACT saying it does “not subscribe to the position that affirmative action for women is always in their best interests” to a full policy package from the Internet Party. However, if policy promises are anything to go by, most parties’ campaigns for our vote also recognise the need for action on the gender equality front.

Our questions were as follows:

1. What would your party do to reduce violence against women?

Read the parties’ answers here.

2. With regard to women in the workforce, what would your party do to:

  • increase the number of women in leadership roles; and
  • achieve pay parity?

Read the parties’ answers here.

3. What would your party do to improve the health and welfare of women?

Read the parties’ answers here.

4. What does your party see as other issues/opportunities for women and what action would you take in these areas?

A full list of all the parties’ answers can be downloaded in the form of a Word document here

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