For sale now: WWI Commemorative 2015 Diaries

diary imageNational Council of Women of New Zealand’s WWI Commemorative Diary for 2015 is out now! This handy little book makes a great present as we approach the New Year.

Diaries are currently being sold for $18 but NCWNZ is able to offer them at a discounted price for those purchasing multiple copies.

The diary commemorates WWI and the effect it had on women’s daily lives. It records a significant segment of our country’s history and recognises how life changed, both temporarily and longer-term, for those who stayed in New Zealand during 1914-1918.

Designed by Black Sheep, the A6 diary looks both contemporary and historical. It features one week per page and contains dated entries commemorating significant milestones, such as wives and children of dead soldiers becoming eligible for war pensions in August 1915.

Photographs of items from Te Manawa Museum Trust’s collection are interspersed throughout the diary. These illustrate different aspects of women’s domestic and personal lives, as well as their increase in paid employment outside the home.

NCWNZ has been working to make a difference to women’s lives since its foundation in 1896. By buying this diary, not only will you be purchasing a record of this important time in our history, you will also be helping us to continue funding our work for women in New Zealand.

You can buy one on TradeMe or contact [email protected] for an order form.


Diary dimensions:           

Width x height x depth = 10.5cm x 15cm x 0.8cm

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