Media release – Response to bikini-clad promo girls heartening

NCWNZ heartened by response to bikini-clad promo girls

The National Council of Women of New Zealand is heartened by the strong response to the inappropriate use of bikini-clad girls at a technology expo.

Council chief executive Sue McCabe said the condemnation of technology and digital life fans to NetGuide’s use of the women at their expo stall was heartening.

“We encourage New Zealanders to follow the lead of the technology and digital life fans in speaking out wherever they see negative gender stereotypes. This is important to making a difference and reducing the sexism that surrounds women.

“We thank the people who did not tolerate what they saw, but instead spoke out. We were pleased to see that the expo organisers, Digital Nationz, had rules that forbade this sexist advertising, and that they say that sexism in the industry must be fought.

“We also acknowledge that NetGuide apologised and understood what was offensive about their promotion. We like that they have said they will donate some money as part of their response. We’ll be in touch with them to see whether they want to support the National Council of Women’s work to improve gender equality.”

Ms McCabe said that women were underrepresented in some high paying industries was seen to be one of the reasons for the gender pay gap which mean women earn less than men.

“Technology is an industry women are underrepresented in and there is much positive work underway to increase women in technology as well as other male-dominated sectors. In order to do this, we need to ensure women see these sectors as being friendly to them – objectifying women is the opposite of this.”

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